Community building makes transparency difficult. Shedding light on the spaces of concern allows the society to make a unifying sound. 

TAKEN BACK relates space and time with stories that have yet to be told, Cole rearranges the perspectives given to him by society to call for action on current affairs. Multidisciplinary in nature; by freeing the source material of relevance, common emotions are addressed to confront our community about their identity. Our history fades as the light dims to a pin hole only rendering our position as a sparse cloud of dreams. 

Cole invites fellow collaborators Chelsea Wait and Andrew Azad to support in his efforts to spread awareness through their socially engaged art work. 


TAKEN BACK  is open for viewing at Alphabang Art Space (228 South 1st, Milwaukee) 5pm-9pm on October 21st.  We are eager to create a dialogue around shared ideas and the works presented. Please feel free to contact us in advance if you have any questions @