Square One

Last Friday I took a trip to Egleston Square, to take a look around and see if I could find some materials to help promote the show which opens on the 21st "Who is my neighbor? ¿Como te va?". I was running late for dinner so I spent most of the time walking around and looking for Cajas de luz and to my surprise the best three that I saw happened to be a bank, fast food spot and a library. What communal spaces to have such amazing sources of light. I am currently working out the timing of when would be best time to get a document of these spaces for the show. 

Questions I have been answering:

Where can I find space to be myself, while also exploring my community? 

Does community mean I am apart of a society?

Do I need to be exclusive with the members of community?

How do I perceive myself in my home, my community, in my country?

How far do I walk, drive, travel from home?

Do I feel safe when I am home?

To talk of colour in recent art is to speak of
instances and highly localised interests; not of systems, models and movements. This is the point: colour is infinitely more complex than the means we have to describe it; and in that space between seeing and knowing there may be occasional moments of freedom.
— David Batchelor-Chromophobia