Orientation was exciting. I was finally able to me Aly Kreikemeier who is incredible. I look forward to being able to speak with her more about her class and how she thinks we combine elements of our classes to connect on certain topics. Check us out, looking for yummy snacks!

We also spent most of the time learning from our fellows at Urbano as well hearing the thoughtful opinions of Patrick McGuire and Stella McGregor. Jessica Fei is was also a far from hidden gem. She will be documenting and doing research along side the classes to see how are progressing through our ideas and goals for the students. Thanks for the fotos Jessica!

Plasticity means that I can commandeer the language and the practices of film to make statements about a whole variety of things in a way that I can’t with other forms. I’m just talking about myself—other people can do the same with just stone or something. For me it’s this plasticity, the way in which you can bend details to fit things.
— John Akomfrah:Interview Lisson Gallery(ArtNet)