WHALES by Nora Jaenicke

Nora Jaenicke the director of "Whales" which is our second movie together and is being completed at the same time we our launching her production company Nostos Film Productions

I am very happy to say that working with truly honest people can really contribute to making incredible work. Nora and I met almost five years ago in Cambridge. She was looking for a producer for her movie "Between Seconds" and I was looking to produce an awesome movie!

Since then I have learned so much her and her team and looking forward to the future and hopefully feature film length movies!

Please enjoy the trailer for our new movie "Whales" and also be on the look out for the local pre- screening as we just started sending this movie to festivals!!!

Urbano Project

I had the chance to experience an incredible artist through their socially engaged art work. Pablo Helguera's Librería Donceles is a a traveling used bookstore that I had the opportunity to help  install and document.  For more information about gallery hours please visit. Urbano Project.

Stella Aguirre Mcgregor and Pablo Helguera examine the wall. -video by DAC

Stella Aguirre Mcgregor and Pablo Helguera examine the wall. -video by DAC





Andrew Azad, Darren Cole, and Chelsea Wait @ the Alphabang Art Space.

Andrew Azad, Darren Cole, and Chelsea Wait @ the Alphabang Art Space.

TAKEN BACK, was a amazing evening in Milwaukee's Historic fifth ward at the Alphabang Art Space, thank you very much for having us. We documented the show with our 360 camera from Devin Hill.  

During the event we had a few VR stations setup to help add to the displacement of time and space. Watch what everyone else was experiencing with this link below. 


messages passed down from peers, family and society.

Time seemingly vanished mutates to form here and now,

experienced through different mediums, genres and realities. 

Speak to a community through experiences.

interact as a society armed with history.

listen as leaders.

Stories are born from the architecture

that predicts the future of our humanity.

-Darren Cole


Ogechi Musa is a powerful woman...and her movie reflects similar ambitions as she tells the story of police brutality in America, inspired by the album "Friction" by Signif a song writer in New York City. After much anticipation myself and many others were rewarded with an amazing screening of Friction as the kick off movie to the New York Teen Film Festival in New York City in Time Square. It was a sold out event, with a compelling question and answer. I personally was excited to see my work on the big screen as I gave a hand in production as the Director of Photography. 

Here is the trailer for those interested in what you missed, and the event recap should be on way via Ogechi Musa.

For those that enjoy music here is the full length album by Signif.

New Technology

LG 360 Cam.

LG 360 Cam.

After spending the summer with Stephanie Houten, I was constantly encouraged to try out some of the new entry level 360 Cameras that are available on the market. Stephanie and I filmed a bit with the Ricoh Theta S last month, and soon after that I had to grab my own. I opted for a very basic model to start but have been excited about the exploration into VR videos. More news soon as I just filmed a lot of cool moments at Devin Hill's SkyDeck in Boston. Props to him for the support on the new tech!


Mel Taing, Photographer

Mel Taing, Photographer

I had the pleasure of being a model for the second with the company Top Drawer this past week. It is always a pleasure to work with Mel Taing as she has an intuitive way of working with cameras and subjects that almost always makes it seem as if she is just hanging out with us, even though we are zipping through the days work. I am currently featured in their banner ad on the website, and while you are there, take a moment to check out there sweet Tools for Nomads. There is also a new store on Newbury St. if your in the area.


The Milwaukee Short Film Festival has invited myself and the students of the LCO NSTI program to screen our work for the second year in a row. This was a huge accomplishment for us as  a class, not only did we feel we made a better film then last year, but we were also able to bring a handful of students to the festival. Rubin Whitmore curated the program we were apart of called "Voices Heard" which allowed us to share our message in the big city miles away from home in Milwaukee. 

You can view the movie here.

"Who Is My Neighbor?"

Artist Talk. 

Artist Talk. 

The show is finally up and the reception was a blast! Many thanks to Urbano Project, Stella, Maria Paula, David, Anthony, Priya, and most importantly Serena all worked very hard to help me launch this show. Many close Fairlandians also aided in many ways to make the launch a success. 

The show is running through September 9th and will allow for visitors to view the works between 1pm-6pm Monday - Friday at Urbano Project(29 Germaina) in Jamaica Plains. If you need to view on the weekends, please drop me a line and I can make arrangements. There are currently four videos, one interactive projection and two paintings with a total running time just short of a new feature. So,  90 minutes if your decide to watch a few pieces more than once.

I will be releasing some new content before the show wraps in September...so be on the look for new web based works in response to "Who Is My Neighbor?".