Chains. 2017

Chains. 2017


NSTI 2017...

Was a blast, this is my sixth year working with Amber Marlow and the NSTI program at LCO community college. The workshop is always a informative weekend. This year we not only made new PSA's about transportation safety, but we also learned about VR/360 basics. Which the students used to document many of the hard to catch behind the scenes moments during production.

Chains, is a story about the relationship many have with alcohol abuse and how that can ruin a great day for someone else. Students are enjoy their classmates birthday when they are suddenly surprised by a rude awakening while friends test their new ATVs.  

I look forward to working LCO and the NSTI program again in the future, and wish them much success with their personal video projects. 

Thanks again for having me.